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Demolishing & Reconstructing An Old Bridge

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A backyard pond with a bridge over it is a nice feature to have when it comes to owning a house. However, the bridge can take away from the beauty of the pond when it is in a bad condition. You can bring more appeal to the pond by getting the bridge demolished so a new one can be constructed. If you want the bridge demolished in the fastest amount of time possible, a drilling and blasting contractor should be hired for the task. This article will give you more insight about a few of the services that you might be able to get from a drilling and blasting contractor. 1. Handling the Legal Aspects of Bridge Demolishing Don’t assume that you can get the bridge demolished simply because it is on our property. There might actually be regulations in place that forbids demolishing. For instance, if you live in a historic house, the bridge might have to remain present. There might also be a certain way in which demolishing must be done. It is in your best interest to find out if a permit is needed before you move forward with the project. 2. Finding a Reliable Company for the Task It is important for the right contractor to be put in charge of your bridge demolishing project. You want to make sure the blasting aspect of the project is well controlled to prevent damage from other areas of your pond. A professional contractor will make sure holes are strategically drilled into the rocks that the piles (poles) are situated in. Explosives will then be placed in the holes to bring the bridge down in a controlled manner. 3. Making Sure You are Not Left with a Lot of Debris You must be prepared for a pile of debris being left behind after the bridge has been demolished. Renting a large dumpster is a great way to get rid of the debris, but you might need to hire a contractor to put it into the dumpster. It is also possible that the demolition contractor will clean the debris up on your behalf. 4. Getting a New Bridge Constructed Over the Pond Once the damaged bridge has been removed, you can start planning for a new one to be constructed. There are several bridge types that you can choose between, so make your decision wisely. For instance, if you opt for a wooden bridge, make sure it is treated for protection against water and pests. There are also cobblestone, metal, and other types of bridges to consider. For more information about your demolition project, contact a blasting company like 3 – Rivers, Inc., Drilling &...

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Got A Septic Tank? What You Should Know About Septic Tanks And Winter

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Just because it is winter does not mean you should forget about your septic tank. This is because it could cause a lot of damage to your home. Below are some things you should do with your septic tank before winter, the type of damage it can cause, and what you should do about it. Inspect Before Winter The best thing you can do is to make sure the septic tank is working properly before winter arrives. Hire a septic tank company to come to your home and clean and pump your tank, if needed. This would be much less expensive to do it now before the snow arrives. The septic tank company can pump the tank during the winter months as long as snow and ice does not prevent them from doing so but they will likely charge you much more money. Damage Winter Can Cause If you do not get your septic tank pumped and it is full of sludge, the sludge could back up into your plumbing pipes and cause them to burst when the sludge freezes. If you go through the winter with a full septic tank be careful of how much water you flush into the tank during the days when the temperatures are below freezing. If you get a lot of snow, however, you will not have to worry about this. This is because snow insulated the ground very well and there is less chance that the septic tank lines will freeze. Snow cannot insulate compacted soil, however, so make sure you do not drive your vehicle or any type of heavy equipment over the drain field, as this will compact it. Cal Septic Tank Company If the Septic System Freezes If you have no water coming out of your faucets, the septic system has likely frozen. The first thing you should do is to call a septic tank company to come to your home and take care of the problem. They can find where the leak is and repair it for you. If you find where there is a frozen pipe, do not try to fix the problem on your own with things like an open flame or adding antifreeze or other type of additive into the tank. You would only cause more damage which would result in a higher repair bill. Talk with the septic tank contractor, such as Mathena Septic Tank Service, about things you can do to prevent this from happening again next...

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Buying a Lakefront Property Without a Dock? What to Know

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If you’re buying a lakefront property that doesn’t have a dock yet, and you aren’t sure what type of dock you want, it’s best to find a dock builder instead of buying something that is pre-made. You want to explore the design options that are available to you, based on where the property is and the water level, and you want a dock that you can fully utilize. Here are a few of the things you want to consider for your new dock.  Built-in Storage Have the dock designed with custom storage boxes for your life jackets, water toys, water sports items, and more. When there are storage boxes or hooks and areas to hang and store different things, it makes keeping everything organized and dry easier. The boxes will be built with the same material as your dock, so you’ll still have a cohesive look. The contractor can even design and overhead bungalow for you to pull the boat into that goes over the boat hoist. Non-Slip Slabs You can have adhesive sheets put on the steps or in areas where there will be heavy traffic on the dock. These stick onto the dock, and you can replace them when needed. This can prevent a slip and fall accident when you have people walking around with wet bodies and wet water toys around the dock area. You can also select textured materials to incorporate into the dock if you don’t like the look of the adhesive slabs. Weather Resistant Materials Traditional wood may not be the best option for your new dock. Instead, you may want to use a synthetic material that isn’t damaged by water and isn’t going to get destroyed by pests. Ask the dock builders what materials they can use, and get cost estimates for different materials before picking a product. The dock builder will come on site and make sure that the dock will be easy to install and remove, and they will build the dock to suit your topography perfectly. This means that you won’t have to worry about it being uneven or having other problems that arise if a dock isn’t built for your water levels or type of lake bottom. Talk with a dock builder like Abbotts’ Construction Services Inc. to see what they recommend for your property and to see what design they think will be the best and most affordable for you to...

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Three Key Components Of Yearly Well Maintenance

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Like any other appliance you own (AC unit, furnace, and so on), your well pump works hard for you and can end up wearing out or malfunctioning if not cared for correctly. And like your furnace, it can make your life much more difficult if it does malfunction. A well pump doesn’t require a lot of work and it doesn’t even require frequent work, which can make it even harder to forget, especially because it’s so out of sight. Here are three components of well pump maintenance that you’ll need to remember by scheduling them in 1. Inspection Some of the things that can go wrong with your well aren’t immediately obvious in day-to-day use. This is especially true because a well pump is often operated remotely (i.e. you don’t actually go out and look at or listen to the pump every time you turn on a faucet), so you’re less likely to notice if it’s making different sounds or if there’s a visual difference. A yearly inspection can help catch any burgeoning problems or incipient problems so you can have them repaired now instead of later after they’ve caused a catastrophic failure. Having your yearly inspection done by a professional can help because not only is the professional more experienced at looking for well pump problems, but he or she may be able to fix small problems on the spot and give a cost estimate for larger ones. 2. Repairs and replacement You may think it goes without saying that any needed repairs should be done ASAP, but some people don’t think that way. They’d prefer to wait until the well “really needs it,” which is a bad idea because when the well breaks down, there goes your water supply. Also, repairs tend to cost more once the problem has worsened that much. And in addition to repairs, your technician may find worn gaskets and other small parts that need replacement even though they haven’t failed yet. 3. Testing Well water testing is done separately from pump maintenance. How you do it is you send off a sample of your water to a lab for testing, and they do a panel that lets you know if you have any dangerous contaminants or indicators of dangerous contaminants in your water. You should always have your water checked for chemicals, bacteria (“total coliforms”), minerals, and PH at the very least. Spring or early summer is a good time to have this done. If you discover contaminants in your water, you should not only put a treatment system in place but also have a well pump technician come out and see if the problem can be resolved. These three steps will help you keep your well pump and your well water healthy each year. Remember, even though your well technician comes out just once a year, it’s still your responsibility to keep an eye on the pump in between inspections and call for professional help any time you notice a change in the well’s function, water quality, or the well pump’s appearance. For more tips, contact a company like Valley Pump...

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Things To Think About Before Purchasing A Pool

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Any time you are thinking about upgrading your household, one fixture you can consider is the installation of a pool. Owning a pool gives you a great opportunity to increase the value of your house by as much as 7 percent. This also will make your home comfortable and a great place to entertain company. If you have never purchased a pool before and want to learn how to get just what you need, read on and learn more about the custom pool design and purchase process.  Do Some Research Into The Type Of Pool That You Would Like You have a lot of options to decide between when you would like to purchase a new pool. First, you should decide whether you’d like your pool to be in ground or above ground. Above ground is usually cheaper, but in ground has more design and dimensional variety. There are also a few different types of materials that pools are built with, including fiberglass, cement, and vinyl. Be sure that you always go through portfolios to learn about how such pools would look, in addition to facts about how you must maintain it.  Find A Credible Custom Swimming Pool Design And Installation Contractor The contractor that designs and builds your pool will be important in the final result that you get. Always judge the quality of the contractor based on examples of finished pool products, in addition to their reputation from other buyers. This will give you peace of mind about their experience and customer service. Ask whether they offer maintenance contracts and warranties on their pools, so that you can get professional service for the next few years. Shop through four to eight written estimates from pool contractors, so that you can get the best price. A custom built pool may cost upwards of $40,000, so always shop around.  Enhance The Area Around The Pool It’s one thing to own a pool, but you will also want to be sure that it is situated and presented well. One thing you can do is enhance your patio, deck, or walkways around the pool. Install some LED mood lights for expressive decoration and energy efficiency. You can also install some fancy brick pavers to create a walkway and a safe place to dry off. A nice set of brick pavers can cost an average of $1,500 or so, depending on the type that you purchase.  Use these tips so that you can make the most of a pool on your...

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From the Ground Up — 5 Steps to Help Any Newbie Find the Right New Construction Home

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If you’re planning to buy a new construction home for the first time, you’re no doubt finding this to be an exciting time filled with possibilities. But, to make the best decision possible, it’s important to take the time to do it right. Here are five of the top things to do before choosing a brand new home. Be Sure What You Want. There are a lot of choices when it comes to new construction in a tight and fast-paced market with good competition. So, before you decide on any particular neighborhood or builder, spend some time looking around at all the available new homes for sale. The advantage of new homes over existing homes is that it’s easier to find something that fits your lifestyle and taste. So, know what’s important to you. Is it community amenities? Is it location? Is it the schools? Is it the floor plan? Find what’s your biggest dream aspect and use that to drive your home search.  Find a Good Agent. Remember, the builder and its representatives are there to get the job done and not necessarily to represent you. Look for a qualified real estate agent who has experience with new construction that can help serve your interests. He or she should also be able to help facilitate your visits to the construction site and any model homes. Know Your Options. One advantage of new home construction is that you can often make adjustments to the plan in order to make the place just as you want it. Find out how flexible your builder is and how large a range of choices you have about items like color schemes, flooring material, appliances, and locations of doors or windows. Make sure you understand when in the building process you can still make changes easily. Learn What’s Standard. When touring model homes, be aware that not everything shown will be standard for every home. Ask questions about what comes with your purchase already and what you need to upgrade. Deciding to upgrade some items is very ordinary when buying this type of house, but you should know what you will be paying extra for so that you can adjust your budget accordingly. Read the Fine Print. When you’ve settled on a home and a builder, be sure to study the warranties, guarantees, and contracts before you sign on the dotted line. Find out exactly what the warranty covers, who does replacement work, and for how long it’s in place. Discuss what happens if anything can’t be completed on schedule (which often happens due to permits and weather, for example) and how your completion guarantee will work.  By following these valuable steps when planning your first new house purchase, you can be sure that you’ve made the right decision and help find a home that you and your family will love for decades to...

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Why A Refrigerator Might Shock Someone

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Have you been getting shocked by the refrigerator each time that the door is opened? Until the appliance has been thoroughly inspected by a professional, you might want to refrain from using it. You are either dealing with a malfunctioning refrigerator, or you have an electrical problem that requires a prompt repair. The best way to resolve the problem is to get assistance from an electrician so an inspection can be performed. This article will give you a general idea of what might be wrong with your refrigerator. The Refrigerator Has Parts That Are in Bad Shape If there are problematic parts inside of your refrigerator, it can be the reason behind you getting shocked. For instance, there might be a bad motor that is unable to function as it should due to overheating. If the motor gets too hot, it can lead to the wiring to it becoming hot as well. Hot wires are a fire hazard that can also put you at risk for being electrocuted. The air compressor is another part of the refrigerator that can overheat and cause electrical problems. You Have the Refrigerator Plugged Inside of a Faulty Outlet It is possible that there is nothing directly wrong with your refrigerator. You might simply have the appliance plugged inside of an outlet that is not in a good condition. The outlet can have wires that are frayed, which can have an effect on the flow of electricity into the refrigerator power cord. The wires could have also burned up from what is called electrical arcing, which cause wire to get hot. For instance, electrical arcing might happen if electricity jumps between conductors instead of flowing smoothly. Too Much Electricity is Flowing into the Kitchen Your refrigerator might be shocking you because too much electricity flows into the wiring in your kitchen. Have you been having to turn the circuit breaker to your kitchen back on a lot lately and can’t understand why it happens? If so, it means that it has been tripping due to a possible electrical concern that needs attention before a fire brews up inside of your house. Your electrical panel might be faulty and need to be repaired or replaced so it can begin distributing electricity in the right manner. Have a discussion with a licensed electrician about your problematic refrigerator so he or she can make repairs as soon as...

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Let Go Of These Outrageous Misconceptions About Sprinkler Systems

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Do you own a business property?  If so, you may have concerns about protecting your property from fires. Perhaps your business is related to an industry where fires are common such as in the restaurant industry. Even if your business is not considered a high risk for fire, a tragedy such as an electrical fire or a fire at a nearby business could still result in property damage for you. Some business owners rely solely on fire extinguishers. This is sometimes due to misconceptions about sprinkler systems and their usefulness. The following are a few misconceptions that you may have heard and explanations that prove they are untrue. Sprinkler systems cause more damage than fires While it is true that an activated sprinkler system can leave behind water damage, it is important to compare that to what can happen if a small fire spreads and consumes a building. The damages posed by a sprinkler system are likely minimal when compared to the devastation of a fire that results in complete property loss. Fire extinguishers are a better option because they allow a controlled method of eradicating fires It is important to note that you may be able to extinguish a small fire with a fire extinguisher if it occurs when you are at your business, but if a fire occurs outside of your business hours and no one is available to extinguish it, then the building could burn to the ground. Whereas, a sprinkler system will initiate and put out fires regardless of whether you are in your business or not.  Massive amounts of water are released in the entire building when a fire is detected Each sprinkler is designed to initiate based upon the radius of the fire it is responding to. For example, if a fire were to start in a break room, then the sprinkler system within that area would initiate, but sprinklers located elsewhere would not because they would not be within the break room’s radius. Keep in mind that the sprinkler systems also have alarms. This means that the fire department will be notified when the system engages, and they will be able to shut off the sprinkler system when they arrive. Sprinkler systems may activate erroneously and cause unnecessary water damage Each sprinkler head has to detect a certain temperature before they will emit water. It is also important to note that sprinkler heads do not initiate without reason. A fire and a detectable temperature are what will cause each head to initiate on its own. A fire sprinkler installer is a good resource to use to better understand how to protect your business with a sprinkler system. For more information, contact local professionals like Fire Extinguisher Service...

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How Spray Foam Insulation Can Enhance Your Older Home Renovation

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Renovating an older house can be challenging, even more so when the home needs a great deal of updating to improve its energy efficiency. In today’s modern world, saving as much money as possible for energy usage is extremely important because of its high costs. When your older home was built, it may not have been insulated specifically for saving money, but for just helping to keep the occupants comfortable during cold or hot weather. Learn more about the reasons you should consider insulating your home with spray foam insulation. In All The Tiny Nooks And Crannies In your older home’s attic, making sure that all the small spaces between rafters are insulated can mean a huge difference in your cost for energy. With traditional rolls of insulation, you may have areas that are hard to cover because they are small and hard to reach. The benefit of choosing foam insulation is that it can be sprayed into tiny cracks and crevices for making a seal that air cannot penetrate. Spray foam insulation, especially closed-cell spray foam, offers a high R-value and can help to greatly reduce your cost for energy, especially when it can be sprayed into cracks that traditional insulating materials cannot be used in. Increasing Your Home’s Protective Strength Spray foam insulation manufactured out of high-quality polyurethane can help to increase your home’s structural strength. When spray foam insulation is used in the rafters of your older home, it can help to prevent costly leaks, and it can strengthen your roof and rafter from high wind damage. Because spray foam adheres to the surfaces it’s sprayed on, a strong bond is made, allowing it to prevent water or air from coming through it. When spray foam insulation is used in your basement, you should know that is it is resistant to the polluting damage that floodwater causes to traditional insulation. If your home is in an area prone to flooding, choosing spray foam insulation for the basement and crawlspace is a good idea because of its resistance to water and bacterial damage. Spray Foam Insulation Can Be Used On Various Surfaces When it comes to insulating all the areas of home that require it, you may find some traditional materials are hard to use because they do not adhere well to surfaces like concrete. Spray foam insulation can be used on wood, steel and concrete. No area in your older home has to go unprotected if you choose to insulate it using spray foam...

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Has Your Thermostat Seen Better Days? It May Be Time to Upgrade

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Is it time to replace your old thermostat? If it seems like you’re constantly fiddling with it to get the perfect temperature, it might be time to drag your heating and cooling system into the twenty-first century by making a small repair that can produce big results. Don’t just repair your heating and cooling thermostat: upgrade it to a programmable one with Wi-Fi control, and you could improve both your home’s energy efficiency and comfort level quickly, easily, and inexpensively. This is what you need to know. How expensive is it? Depending on the brand you want, an electronic programmable thermostat with Wi-Fi costs between $200–$300. Because not ever thermostat interacts well with every HVAC system, let your HVAC technician do the choosing and installation. Figure in an additional $50–$70 per hour for the service. If that sounds like a lot, remember that it costs an average of $3,921 to install a new furnace. If you do that, you’ll likely have to update your thermostat anyhow, which means that it makes sense to try this first before you take a bigger step. What does it do? All winter, the heat from your furnace is benefiting nobody while you’re at work. In the summer, the cold air from your AC system is doing the same thing. If you reduce the heat in the winter by 10 degrees and increase the heat in the summer by the same amount, you can save 10% on your monthly energy bill. A programmable thermostat with Wi-Fi allows you to either pre-configure the setting for the week or adjust it on the go. If your plans change, and you know you’re coming home early, you don’t need to walk into a cold house in the winter or stuffy one in the summer. You can adjust the settings right through an app on your smartphone or through your computer. A programmable thermostat also allows you to adjust your controls to meet unexpected issues with the weather. On humid days, the air can feel sticky and uncomfortable. Turning up the AC is a good way to keep from going home to a sweaty house. On winter days when the ice-cold winds seem to cut through everything, you may want to set the temperature a little higher. Another nice thing about a programmable thermostat is that it allows you to track your usage, and it can make recommendations based on your history. Some programs will suggest a schedule for the thermostat for you after it “learns” your preferences, while others will focus on giving you suggestions that will help you conserve energy. For more information on how a programmable thermostat with Wi-Fi can help you, talk to an HVAC professional such as Borter Heating & Air Conditioning...

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